Our Ordinary Lives Hold an Extraordinary Purpose

by Jerad P. Bisson


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Think your life is meaningless? Think again.

Do you ever feel like an average person? Do you live a pretty ordinary life? Do you sometimes feel like what you do on a daily basis is somewhat meaningless? Perfect, because God loves ordinary people, people who don’t see themselves capable of accomplishing remarkable tasks. Throughout history, from the stories in the Bible to the lives of the saints, we see God choosing seemingly insignificant people to do incredible tasks for him. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to reconnecting with God and building a relationship with him, so you can ask him to reveal your spiritual gifts, find your mission, and learn why you were created. Ultimately, only the one who created you for that purpose can reveal it to you. So, get ready to be challenged and to make your faith complete by your works (James 2:22 RSV Catholic Edition) —and turn ordinary into extraordinary.


Book Excerpt

Have you ever felt, more often than not, as if your life is meaningless or ordinary? if so, ther's good news! We have a loving creator, who loves to take the lowley and put them on high, (Ezekiel 21:26 RSV Catholic Edition). I love reminding people that throughout history God has always chosen the weak, insignificant, ordinary people to do incredible tasks for him (Corinthians 1:27 RSV Catholic Edition). Many of us lead seemingly insignificant lives. Thats exactly the kind of person God uses. In fact, many of the saints were common people. All saints didn't start out as priests or nuns. Most of them were ordinary people like you and me before God asked them to do something. Im sure when they realized that God was interested in them and they had an idea of what God wanted them to do, they probably were shocked that God chose them to do it. My point is don't be surprised, if someday God asks you to do some good Works for him. I want you to realice that we are all called to serve God. We are all called to be holy. We are all his people, especially if you lead an ordinary life. Take me, I have terrible handwriting. I don't space my words, everything gets jumbled up, and nobody can read what I wrote, yet here I am writing a book. Many of us have flaws that we may think are our weaknesses. God sees these weaknesses as oportunities: to show the world and you, what great things ordinary people can accomplish when they put their trust and faith in him (Mathew 17:20 RSV Catholic Edition); to show the people he chooses exactly what they're capable of, as well as using them as an example for others; and to see that we can do anything when we believe and rely on his help.


About the Author

Jerad P. Bisson

Jerad Bisson is an air-conditioning and refrigeration technician from Southern California. He was engaged to a beautiful Catholic woman who began taking him to Mass on Sundays and discovered a class on how to become a Catholic. He started attending classes weekly, and during this process, he underwent a dramatic conversion. Jerad has been serving the Lord ever since. As a tradesman by day and a writer by night, Jerad set out to prove that anybody can be called to do remarkable things for the Lord and anything can be accomplished when we call on the name of Jesus—especially when we ask him through his Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Jerad is a prime example of an ordinary man accomplishing extraordinary things. “With the help of God and God’s holy church, we can do anything. We can change the world.” —Jerad Bisson

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