The Ten Commandments

A Modern Day Guide to Avoid Sin

by Jerad P. Bisson


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Obeying Gods Law Brings Happiness

Who would have thought that obeying rules would bring us happiness, usually rules seem to keep us from what we want to do. However, with Gods’ law in our hearts, living our lives according to the way that God designed us to live can bring happiness that you never imagined. God wants us to be happy and that’s what obeying the ten commandments does, they bring us happiness. God has instituted these set of commands that we who follow them prove that we belong to him. The ten commandments are strict guidelines to determine whether you are good or evil, use them to self-examine yourself so that you may change your ways and grow closer to God to be blessed. God is faithful to forgive us if we accept his son Jesus Christ, we confess our sins and repent of them. The ten commandments are a reminder that God exists and that we are not in charge. Heaven awaits for all who obey God and it is full of repentant sinners with plenty of room for more. So get ready to be inspired and to learn about Gods’ holy law in relation to the world that you live in today. Be humble and respectful of what God commands, he created heaven and earth and all flesh. Start obeying God today and watch your life be showered with blessings and tender care, for God shows steadfast love to the thousands that love Him.


About the Author

Jerad P. Bisson

Author Jerad Bisson is an evangelist, husband, father and a devout servant of God dedicated to upholding all that God stands for. “God’s law is meant to bring us happiness they are basic guidelines between what is good and what is evil, If we love God we will obey his commandments.”

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