Depending on God

My Brief Autobiography and Testimony

by Jerad P. Bisson


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Don’t Dwell On the Past

If there is one thing that God has taught me it’s that we shouldn’t dwell on the past. It is behind us and what is ahead of us we can change. My life has been an example of Gods Mercy and Love. If it were not for Christ I would have never known that I was meant for a greater purpose than struggling to get through each day. That my purpose was enveloped in His love and held in His hands as well as mine. Without purpose we tend to feel empty and lost. This is because we have been designed in such a way that we were meant to serve God. However for many of us who have not had an encounter with Jesus we tend to serve other things or people and make those things our God. This becomes a disordered sense of purpose leaving us empty and dry. This little book is a mere snapshot of my conversion story and my life in a nutshell. The book is small because not much is meant to be said about me. However there is much to be said about God and this little book is only my testimony and my other books are my tribute to God. For without Christ I had no life, for I discovered myself through Him, brought to Him by His Mother and Mine. My life has had great sorrow and great joy but most interesting of all is the many mystical experiences I have shared with Jesus and Mary and my guardian angel, those you may find interesting. So I thought that I would tell my story in my own words, as unbelievable as it may seem. It still happened to me and because of God’s love and Mercy I was rescued from the sins and demons of my past. This world is only a glimpse of time and we are in the midst of it and our lives are but blooming for an even shorter moment. There is a much grander spiritual world to see and it’s not as far away as you may think.


About the Author

Jerad P. Bisson

Author Jerad P. Bisson is an evangelist, husband, father, tradesman and a devout servant of God that is committed to shining Christs light in the darkness. Jerad uses his traumatic past as a stepping stone to reach others who may feel like giving up. Jerad is a prime example of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness. “Jesus came to save sinners, and I am one that He has saved and this is my testimony.” -Jerad P. Bisson

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