Lets Find You

The Ben and Ink Series

by Jeffrey D. Barbieri


Book Details

Four Teenage Brothers. No Father.

And One Unique Story of a Boy

Coming of Age.

In a home where mockery is a key survival skill and mom and dad are nowhere to be found, Benjamin and his three brothers must learn about life – and themselves – on their own.

Let’s Find You chronicles his remarkable upbringing in a singularly unique family, one where a new crisis is always just around the corner.

Told in a mix of prose and poetry, the compelling coming-of-age narrative follows Benjamin from a young boy into early adulthood.

He and his brothers routinely fight, leading to a strained relationship with bitterness simmering just below the surface. His mother remains an elusive figure in his life, constantly moving the family from place to place.

But there’s also plenty to laugh over – from the wacky bathroom-humor practical jokes of four brothers to the epic troubles they get into.

Can Benjamin survive his family, find his true sense?

Let’s Find You is the ultimate guide into the heart and soul of a teenage boy as he journeys through car crashes, near-death experiences and melted chocolate...


About the Author

Jeffrey D. Barbieri

Jeffrey D. Barbieri is a full time writer and retired Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator.

He has moved 42 times and currently is seeking out his next adventure in Ohio. .

Learn more about him online at


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