The Watcher

by Jeffrey D. Barbieri


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You can run from your destiny, but you can’t hide...

After a seemingly innocent visit to a mysterious old woman, Joey finds himself caught up in the adventure of a lifetime! Along the way, he discovers who he really is and what he is actually capable of. Armed with the fighting skills of a thousand years and with the help of a few new friends, Joey must repent for his wrongdoings. But as the darkness threatens to consume him, and demons want to tear him apart, can The Watcher keep him in the light?


Book Excerpt

I’d been troubled for so long, my mind ached. I had tried to set up roots in a few different places, but nothing ever took. So I wandered.

I popped in at home to visit my parents every now and then, but even those trips seemed to depress me more than help. I was lost and I had been for the most part of my life.

It’s a sad waste of life when soul goes awry. I had such potential, but I never found a way to use it. I was given bits of schooling and training here and there, but never enough in one given category to make the effort truly worth it.

I was intelligent enough to get by, almost too smart for my own good. But I never let myself stay in one place long enough to settle or to really figure things out.

The brain is a funny thing. It can twist the truth and let you see things from a point of view that is completely different than that of the next guy or even the rest of the entire, free-thinking world.

I liked to think of myself as a positive person, the whole glass was half full thing, but I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone. I was born with a hatred that often reared its ugly head. I called it my beast, and if you saw this beast, it was most times followed by someone having their head handed to them.

This anger and hatred had grown over the years and had, at some times, consumed me. I had become disgruntled with our country’s government and its politics, and often times thought of various ways to overthrow the present establishment through massive death and destruction.

In general, I believed this world to be a wicked pace, ruled by 2 idiots and fools. I could not understand why the cattle continued to follow the leaderships of our sovereign nation when the transparency of their selfish plans seemed too obvious.


About the Author

Jeffrey D. Barbieri

Jeffrey D. Barbieri has grown up experiencing life to the fullest. Jeffrey won the 2009 NJ Male Author of the Year Award for his Ben & Ink Series, which included Let’s Find You and F.R.O.G. Jeffrey is an active member in the Deaf Community located in both Kentucky and Ohio, where he continues to write and share his passion for storytelling.

He is a retired Computer Forensic Examiner as well as a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and Board Certified in Cyber Intelligence.

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