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Mythical—Occurring in folk tales. Not yet been deemed true by scientists but a large group of people currently and in the past believed this to have existed.

After an earthquake, Jake and his cousin Alex hear rumors of treasures that have yet to be discovered. As they embark on their quest for riches, they stumble upon mythical creatures frozen in time that have waken from centuries of sleep.

As the creatures begin to descending on man-kind, it is now up to Jake and his girlfriend to convince others the creatures are real.

Discover the mythological creatures that have crossed over.


About the Author

Jeffrey Barbieri

Jeffrey D. Barbieri has grown up experiencing life between New Jersey and Puerto Rico. As a teenager, he fell in love with music, and through music he discovered the power of words. Jeffrey won the 2009 NJ Male Author of the Year Award for his Ben & Ink Series, that included “Let’s Find You” and “F.R.O.G.” Jeffrey is dedicated to Internet Security and is licensed as a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and is Board Certified in Cyber Intelligence.

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