The Ben and Ink Series

by Jeffrey D. Barbieri


Book Details

FROG is book II in the Ben and Ink series. Ben’s adventures continue as he journeys on his path of self discovery. Join him and his brothers as they fight battles within and the world around them. Will Ben find himself and find love? Will he take a stand and find his voice among his brothers? Ben’s passion is revealed through his words. Discover Frog

Maury Allen: This is a remarkable unique work by Jeffrey who has combined moving prose with stirring poetry.

Sarah Moore (Writers In The Sky) One unique feature is the integration of poetry throughout the novel. It seems that Barbieri uses these pauses to let us into an even deeper level of Benjamins emotions. I loved this component of the novel.

Amos Lassen: Barbieri’s writing is amazing as he gives us an emotional and dramatic story. I love Benjamin’s relationship with his brothers and I felt very close to Benjamin himself.

Vicki Newell (Reading At The Beach) Not like any other book I’ve read, the author has a style of writing that is fresh and a welcome change. There are poems throughout the book that are very good and a welcome addition. I loved this book!


About the Author

Jeffrey D. Barbieri

Jeffrey Barbieri was born in NJ. As a young teenager he fell in love with music and through music he discovered the power of words. This is where he got his start, experiencing life between NJ and PR. This is the product of his first book - Lets Find You - that shares this adventure. After enlisting in the Army from 1985 – 1993 he attended Chubb Institute. He is a member of the Liberty State Fiction Writers Association and the American Legion. He currently lives between NJ and PR and is an active member of two charity organizations: Save-a-Gato in Puerto Rico and Paper Houses Across The Border, Acuña, México. Jeffrey is a musician and plays the guitar, piano and drums. He enjoys song writing and creating emotions through music. He has taught Sign Language for more than 13 years and enjoys meeting others who share the passion of changing lives through words.

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