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When is the best place to hide a witness?

More than ten years have passed since DEA Special Agent Robert Mackie (Guardians trilogy) was killed, but now the guilty parties are either dead or in prison—and former DEA Special Agent Rob Mackie can finally get on with his life. Yet, what legitimate jobs are available to someone who is legally dead? An offer comes from the US Marshals Service to help put together a special section of the Witness Security Program for high-value witnesses who have become impossible to conceal—in the present. Soon, he learns first hand that the same applies to the dead.


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Rob held his glasses up to the window. The vanishing sliver of intruding sunlight became a barely visible blue haze. No need to darken a room with these on. Dr. Moy answered his raised eyebrows with shrugged shoulders. Meanwhile, Vitek removed three palm-size objects from the case. He set one on the front left corner of the desk and paced off a distance of two steps from the corner towards the door before placing the remaining two objects about shoulder-width apart on the carpet. While Rob’s viewpoint was skewed slightly, he was quite certain that if he connected the three objects with straight lines, he would have an equilateral triangle. Since he had no idea what was happening or about to occur, he noted everything. Vitek looked at his wrist then gave a thumbs-up to Lightner, who then donned his sunglasses and motioned for everyone else to do the same. Before Rob could begin pondering the purpose of the objects and the reason for wearing the sunglasses in a room illuminated only by the recessed fluorescent tubes overhead, a bright oval of light that stretched from floor to ceiling flashed into existence between the two objects on the floor – and Dr. Moy’s hand had returned to his wrist, but this time with a vise-like grip.


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Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson, a West Point graduate, lives in San Antonio, Texas. Among his eight novels are the Guardians trilogy and three from The Janus Project files.

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