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He's a tiny fur ball with a huge heart and a powerful personality.

This precious little stray is determined to change the lives of the family who rescues him from the pound-and change their lives he does.

Teddy brings with him an abundance of love, joy, and opportunities for laughter, as well as distraction from the pain of illness and stress, all bundled up in a tidy little canine package. In return, Teddy receives unconditional love and affection from his adopted family, who learn how much they have needed him in their lives-which is almost as much as Teddy has needed them. This heartwarming, tail-wagging story will have dog owners everywhere giving their own pups a thankful pat for enriching their lives in so many ways.

"Teddy goes from dog pound disappointments, to an apartment-dwelling family of four who become virgin dog owners. This experience is prompted by the need to experiment with what is known by dog lovers as the magic of ownership. The lovely lady of the house is Charlotte, who hopes to save Teddy from destruction at the dog pound. She also wishes to know if a family pet would be beneficial in alleviating the migraine headaches she suffers, and if a pet could possibly help her daughter, who suffers constantly with the lingering debilitations of Lyme disease.

"Teddy not only wins the love and affection of this entire family, we see how the process of easing a dog into a family forms a special bond of mutual love and companionship. Charlotte finds that since Teddy came into the family, her migraines are becoming less and less a problem. Sarah still suffers the effects of Lyme disease but she is enjoying the love of a constant and faithful companion.

"Anyone who has a dog, or ever had a dog, should enjoy this warm, fuzzy tale and will identify with the puppy antics all dog owners cherish." - Patricia A. Bridges, devoted owner of two very special dogs, Double R Guest Ranch, LLC


About the Author

Charlotte Endorf

About the Author: Charlotte Endorf is currently pursuing a double major online via Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska in Entrepreneurship and Communication, and she's a highly sought-after speaker for the Nebraska Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. She writes with her teenage daughter, Sarah, to help take the focus off Sarah's struggle with Lyme disease. Together they have published the books After the Rain; Oh the Beautiful Rainbow; Plainsbound: Fragile Cargo; By Train They Came - Volumes 1 & 2; and Unsung Neighbors.

Charlotte has also produced a DVD, Ordinary Orphan Train Riders Who Became Extraordinary Friends, and a CD, Hidden Treasures. See her website at

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