Trains of Promise

A Collection of Stories and Recipes

by Charlotte Endorf


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The beginning of what we know as foster care and adoption. Just imagine...

Readers of the Orphan Train series will delight in this final compilation of short stories depicting the lives of the children who rode what became known as the Orphan Trains. The children were often made to feel ashamed of their orphaned status, and many were farmed out to rural households as little more than child laborers. This was the rudimentary beginning of foster care, involving a quarter of a million children from 1854 to 1929. Today, less than a hundred of these people are alive to share their unique stories. In Trains of Promise, Charlotte Endorf shares the results of her interviews with Orphan Train riders and their descendents. Enjoy these touching stories in the last of the Orphan Train series—and since dessert is generally saved for last, the book includes over 100 dessert recipes as well!


About the Author

Charlotte Endorf

Charlotte Endorf traveled over 15,000 miles to research this often-ignored slice of American history, and in the process she discovered that she, too, was a descendent of an actual Orphan Train rider. She keeps the Orphan Train history alive with nationwide radio shows and through her website, Endorf travels her home state as one of the select four “high use” speakers on the Nebraska Humanities Council Speakers Bureau, and dressed in period attire, brings history to life, dressed in period attire, for schools, museums, festivals, nursing facilities, senior centers, and libraries. Also by Endorf: After the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow; Plains Bound: Fragile Cargo; By Train They Came (Volumes 1 and 2); Unsung Neighbors; and They Call Me Teddy.

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