After the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow!

A-Z of Overcoming All Types of Obstacles -

by Sarah Mae Endorf with Charlotte M. Endorf

After the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow!

After the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow!

A-Z of Overcoming All Types of Obstacles -

by Sarah Mae Endorf with Charlotte M. Endorf

Published May 03, 2005
80 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational


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Small Miracles…Every Day

An inspirational and heroic true story of a fifteen year old girl living with Lyme disease, After the Rain provides thoughtful insights, encouragement, and support to anyone facing adversity.

The occurrence of this potentially life threatening disease is escalating at an alarming rate while understanding of its conditions and consequences remains mostly a mystery-even to the medical community. After the Rain provides practical guidance and information about the results and remedies of this increasingly common disease in easy to understand terms, as seen through the eyes of one of its intended victims who is day by day escaping its grasp. Join Sarah on her healing journey and share in the powerful lessons she has learned.


Book Excerpt

"This book is awesome! It is educational and informative. The content truly explains Lyme disease. It motivates you to achieve, believe and think about your own life and goals. I would like to thank Sarah and Charlotte for the time and thought that was put into this book. It will be very useful and helpful to all. I wish the very best for Sarah and her recovery." - Peggy S. Vaughn, MS
Executive Director
Parent to Parent Network

"All of us have obstacles to overcome in our lives. Most are small and we soon forget the problem. Others are much more significant and many are painful to overcome, whether they are physical, emotional or both. Nonetheless, no matter how we deal with our obstacles, they do shape our lives. Although still young, Sarah's struggle with Lyme disease has given her a unique perspective that should benefit those who have difficult challenges to overcome. In fact, it is her youth that allows Sarah to look at her challenge with such vigor and freshness. Her positive attitude is fundamental to a quality life. It is a lesson we can all learn, or rediscover." - Raymond D. Screws, Ph.D.
Senior Program Officer
Nebraska Humanities Council

A simple strep throat followed by monotype symptoms in which I slept 20 hours a day! Six doctors scratched their heads telling my parents they had no idea what was wrong with me!
- Sarah Endorf

"You can make an excuse, or you can make a difference, but you can't make both." - Jim Key

I firmly believe what you picture in your mind will come true. It may not happen the first time, but if you focus on that picture vividly enough, it will unfold before you. - Sarah Endorf

I was amused by all of the wives tales about the disease. - Charlotte Endorf


About the Author

Sarah Mae Endorf with Charlotte M. Endorf

About the author
A firm believer that truly happy people are those who can enjoy the scenery on a detour, Sarah emanates a strength and wisdom remarkable for one so young. From the plains of Northeast Nebraska, this fifteen-year old student transforms her trials into the stepping stones of success to win her battle with this debilitating disease and help others do the same.

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