Unsung Neighbors

Short Stories of Heroes Among Us

by Charlotte Endorf

Unsung Neighbors

Unsung Neighbors

Short Stories of Heroes Among Us

by Charlotte Endorf

Published Feb 11, 2009
304 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational


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Discover the Remarkable and Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People

Too often, we go about our days, oblivious to those living in our very own hometowns. Unsung Neighbors: Short Short Stories of Heroes Among Us will kindle the profoundly human desire to seek out the company and unique stories of people all around us. Here are nearly three-dozen vignettes of ordinary people in and around Norfolk, Nebraska, whose extraordinary tales of life's work, accomplishment, triumph and persistence are sure to inspire readers everywhere.

Follow author Charlotte Endorf on her mission to discover their unforgettable personal histories: Meet Lori, whose daughter Alex's strange and debilitating illness can't shake their strong faith-and propels her to push for improved health-care legislation; Emily, a 12-year-old girl who started a nonprofit fire-safety awareness program; Wanda, the 79-year-old whose gift to her community is the thousands of irises that have become a local tourist attraction.

There are also quirky characters like Lee, whose marble collecting habits have earned him more than a half-million glass spheres. And that's just for starters.

Culled from hours of wide-ranging interviews, this collection of lovingly detailed "snapshots" of real-life personalities (and a few

places) is perfect for raising spirits and sharing with loved ones.

Remarkable and heartwarming, Unsung Neighbors reminds us what's truly important are the stories and experiences we pick up along the road of life.

"After reading this book, you will see people-all people-in a new light, knowing that there is a story there someplace."

- Anita Lewandowski Brown, businesswoman


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About the Author

Charlotte Endorf

Charlotte Endorf is the author, with daughter Sarah, of four other

books: After the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow, a heroic true story of a girl living with a tick-borne illness, and Plains Bound: Fragile Cargo, plus By Train They Came series - Volume 1 and 2 about the Orphan Train riders.

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