I Love Myself...

by Le'Taxione


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Review of “I Love Myself” I love this book! Le’Taxione has written from the heart and spirit about three young women on a journey toward self-respect, deepening friendship, and a critical appraisal of popular culture. That these teen-agers care about each other is clear; more unusual are the steps they take to translate that caring into believing in themselves and each other. In our society, as women have learned to assert themselves in the workplace, the political arena, entertainment and sports, there have been increased counter-efforts to reduce them to little more than objects. Le’Taxione takes on the media (and those who benefit from it) by appealing directly to young women and their parents: don’t be fooled, he says, you are beautiful and capable; by helping each other you are stronger than the pressure of the media. At the heart of the book are a deep concern and a belief in the strength and wisdom of young girls on their way to becoming powerful, loving women. Barbara Bennett, Ph.D. School Psychologist and Educational Consultant Co-founder of First Place School (an independent school in Seattle for children who have experienced trauma due to family and/or community violence, homelessness, poverty, racism and oppression) Message from the author This book, “I Love Myself” is written to address the trials and tribulations that young girls are faced with daily, in schools and in society. Though it’s not meant to be exhaustive, it touches on a wide range of topics in an attempt to inform and educate young girls about society’s impositions upon their lives and self concepts. My humble hopes are that this book can impart upon its readers, a sense of self worth and self awareness. I pray that this work will in some way help elevate the self concept of the young girls who read it, by making evident that our unique characteristics are not to be used to measure our worth or lack thereof; rather, they are merely distinctions that make evident our individual importance as a part of the collective whole. I pray that mothers and fathers use this book as a teaching tool and that it enhances their interpersonal relationship with their daughters. ~ Le’Taxione ™ ~ Author and Gangologist


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Le’Taxione is a scholar of a wide array of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, theology, biology and physiology. He brings to bear his extensive studies and his own life experience in order to deter young people from violence and to help ensure they realize their own self-worth. He has also authored the Nine Steps to Empowerment Process (N’STEP) Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention curriculum - Gangology 101: The New Paradigm which is N’STEP’s 2nd Edition. Additionally, he is the author of the companion text, Original Diamond Boy – Psychology of a Gang Banger. Le’Taxione has also authored two other children’s books: “I Am More Than A Gang Member” and “A Bully’s Behavior”. His work is based on the premise that to change the actions, one must change the thought process that drives such action.

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