Street Poisoned

An Urban Fiction - The Struggle Between the Wisdom of the Past and the Frustration of the Present

by Le'Taxione

Street Poisoned

Street Poisoned

An Urban Fiction - The Struggle Between the Wisdom of the Past and the Frustration of the Present

by Le'Taxione

Published Aug 29, 2009
229 Pages
Genre: FICTION / General


Book Details

The Streets of West Fresno now have a voice... The unflinching, uncompromising, Original Diamond Boy!

Cali is the product of an impaired home where the father is absent in

the home and the mother is drawn out of the home. He ventures out into

the streets of West Fresno to experience the relevance that he did not

receive in his interaction with his mother. He fi nds guidance and discipline

in his Big Homie, Oso who is killed, leaving Cali with the responsibility of

nurturing and advancing his set, the Diamond Boys.

Cali draws on the principles and code of ethics taught to him by Bib

Oso, but the introduction of crack cocaine into the hood threatens the

camaraderie of the Diamonds, forcing Cali to ban the sell of the destructive

drug to save the hood from its self destruction, all the while, advancing

his hidden agenda to control West Fresno. Cali's ban on the sell of crack

causes confl ict, deception, disloyalty and a splitting of the hood.

There can only be one Diamond set, with one goal, and that is to restructure

and establish the Diamond Boys as a legitimate organization that advances

its interest within the political process. Anyone or anything that threatens

this goal must be eliminated.


Book Excerpt

Not only was Cali getting angrier and angrier, the environment was changing. Where there used to be a genuine good will for your neighbor and a sense of community, animosity, strife and violence became the order of the day. It was as though a cloud had set in over the projects, changing the whole atmosphere…

With the father forced out of the home and the mother drawn out of the home part time for part time pay, who would raise the children? As I pondered this fact my heart grew heavy and my eyes filled with salty water.

I watched as the children’s behavior became more and more unruly in the absence of both mother and father. I reflected on times when I used to watch them gather in groups to play football or tag but now they were gathering in groups carrying sticks. Their smiles replaced by scowls, their recreational behavior replaced by criminal behavior and their respect for elders almost non-existent.


About the Author


Le’Taxione has been a member of the Structural Gang Culture© for 34 years, 25 of which

were spent active in leadership, recruitment and geographical transmission of the violent

and destructive lifestyle and the miscreant aspects of the gang mentality. His actions based on his philosophy of “live or die, Crip or cry” propelled him to the

top of the ranks. His 25 years of active involvement, recruitment

and leadership positions in the street organization provides him

the credentials to speak to our youth and to the issue of gang

violence prevention and intervention with authenticity.

Le’Taxione (known to his brothers & sisters in the gangs as

“YoYo”) is a student of the human condition and a specialist

in the mentality that causes destructive gang violence. He

is a scholar of a wide array of various disciplines, including

psychology, sociology, theology and biology. His work is based

on the premise that to change the actions, one must change the

thought process that drives such action.

Never denouncing the gang, he now utilizes his own life experience

to change the Structural Gang Culture© in a productive and sustainable way — “from the

inside out”®. His work points the gang member towards a transformation, experienced by

Le’Taxione, and possible for all those who suffer from the destructive mentality evident

in today’s gangs. Street poisoned is his fi rst work of fi ction. His current project includes a children’s gang violence prevention and intervention curriculum.

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