Original Diamond Boy 2

Against All Odds

by Le’Taxione


Book Details

“This book-Original Diamond Boy 2: Against All Odds- takes an inside look at the prison industrial complex-its staff-and internal investigative units-and with documents procured through the public disclosure process--makes evident to the taxpayer the insidious-surrepticious tactics employed-and the lack of accountability that is exercised within the Washington State Department Of Corrections-as it applies to the rights of Incarcerated Persons due process and fair and equitable treatment by those in authority over them. It also documents how sociogenic and psychogenic environs-such as prisons-affects most Incarcerated Persons-shaping and fashioning “moral criminality”(the rationalization and moralization of criminality)-and how through administrations lackadaisical approach to investigation-causes it to become inordinately dependent upon “confidential informants”(CI’s)-who manipulate the system to displace other Incarcerated Persons whom they envy or fear. Le’Taxione-in his brand of writing-gives the reader a glance into the prison industrial complex-its machinations-and how it adversely affects both those who are incarcerated behind the steel curtains-and those in authority-which in most cases causes recidivism. “Finally! The long awaited part 2 of Original Diamond Boy is released. Its a gritty, authentic, blow by blow account of prison life from the mind and pen of an Award Winning Author, who through transformation and self-actualization have been redeemed making him an asset to society. Bravo!” -Carter Wynn


About the Author


While serving a life without the possibility of parole sentence, Le’Taxione chose to reform and transform his life and in doing so realized that his gang involvement and leadership-starting the Diamond Boys in several states-required that he serve the community in the way that he did a disservice to the community, by attempting to stand in the gap between youth and young adults “in risk” of gang violence, and mass incarceration, offering them insight to what those counterproductive lifestyle have to offer, and how one can avoid being referred to as a number, rather than a human being. While incarcerated Le’Taxione published a wide genre of literature including childrens books. After serving 22 years of his life without the possibility of parole sentence-he was granted Clemency by Governor Jay Inslee of the state of Washington.