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Horror Comes in All Forms

Wichita Falls rookie homicide detective Horace Brown is brand new on the job. His partner, Big Bill Baughman, has been at it for thirty years and seen it all. Until today. What the two of them find inside a lavish home in the exclusive Painted Hills section of town changes everything. Together, they will hunt a killer, the likes of which has never been seen. However, in order to find him, they must first answer the question, “Is the killer human?” In a remote region of the Canadian wilderness, they’ll confront the startling reality. At Manitou Lake.


About the Author

Jim Black

A lifelong Texan, Jim Black was born in Center, Texas, and grew up in Archer City. Today he resides in Wichita Falls with his wife, Lorrie. He is the author of several books and plays. For more information visit

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