Life with Bingo

by Jim Black and Jim Lewis


Book Details

A Boy
His Dog
The Open Road
One Unforgettable Journey

Leaving behind an abusive home, a sixteen-year-old boy and his best friend set out to find their place in the world. Come tag along as the two endure hardships, experience the kindness of strangers and come to realize that perhaps there are no coincidences in life.

Uniquely told from the perspective of both, Life with Bingo provides readers an endearing look at the very special bond between a boy and his dog. When finished, you may never view our canine friends the same way again.


Book Excerpt

            And so, just like that, we were on the road again. I was kicking myself for getting so emotional. What a sap, I told myself. While I was growing and filling out physically, I realized that emotionally, in too many ways I was still a young boy, timid and unsure. And I was unsure right now. I had just left the best thing that had ever happened to me. Kind people who genuinely cared about me and wanted to help support me and nurture me were now in my rear view mirror. And in the windshield was more uncertainty, more challenges, and many more unknowns. I had no high school diploma, no driver’s license, and no last name. What a sap, I told myself again. And what an idiot.
            I beat myself up for a good hour. When you are being abused from the outside it is very easy to abuse yourself from the inside. There is always that nagging feeling that somehow this was all my fault. The insecurity and despair and doubt had always been with me, and it flared to the surface like hot lava in unsettled moments. I was in a fierce battle with my demons, and at the moment, they were on the verge of overwhelming me.


About the Author

Jim Black and Jim Lewis

Jim Black lives in Wichita Falls, Texas, with his wife, Lorrie, and is the author of six books and nine stage plays. For more information, visit

Jim Lewis lives in Pottsboro, Texas, with his wife, Karen, and can be found on Facebook. Although he’s been writing for years, this is his first book.

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