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Just the Beginning

by Richard Shaw


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There are always two sides to every point of view. Joshua is getting ready to graduate from his final year in high school. He has always lived in a small colonial town in New England that rests up against the Atlantic Ocean that leads as far as the eye can see. He has applied to leave friends and looks forward to new adventures in a university in the middle of the state of Illinois. Another student, Autumn, is graduating from high school and will be attending a large university. She has spent her whole life on a small farm in the middle of the state of Iowa. She has always worked on the farm with her family. Leaving the farm is a very difficult decision for both the farm and the experiences outside the farm. The experiences will be difficult and there will be disagreements to conquer. It all started with two future students wondering who this person is sitting next to the other in the first lecture hall.


About the Author

Richard Shaw

RICHARD SHAW has been dedicated to the art of writing since childhood. At the age of eight, he read one of his stories to the neighborhood kids, and the magic of storytelling has stayed with him ever since. He has attended writers’ conferences in New York State and at the University Iowa in a number of university Conferences during the summers. He has also attended writers’ conferences at CHAUTAUQUA LITERARY ARTS Writing Conference. He is the author of Stilt House The poetry collection THE HEART OF A POET. There is also a book of short stories, A TAPESTRY OF LIFE’S JOURNEY. He and his wife Brenda live in Illinois with their dog Maggie. Maggie keeps them on their toes.

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