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Coming of Age in an Uncertain World

Barney and December both know what it’s like to live with loss and change. All her life, December has been at the mercy of her free-spirited hippie mom, who continually moves her from one school to another—she met her father only once, when she was ten, and then he disappeared in the middle of the night. Barney has had stability at school, being lucky enough to go from kindergarten through high school with the same group of friends. But things are different at home, as Barney and his dad cope with the destabilizing death of Barney’s mother, three years ago. Now, as they enter high school, Barney and December meet and find that they have a unique capacity to smooth the rough edges of each other’s lives. As they stand poised on the edge of adulthood, searching for meaning and trying to find their place in the world, they realize that together, they can face almost anything. Poignant, warm, and deeply relatable, this classic coming-of-age novel will both enlighten and inspire you.


About the Author

Richard Ellis Shaw

Ever since childhood, Richard Shaw has been dedicated to the art of writing. At the age of eight, he read one of his stories to the neighborhood kids, and the magic of storytelling has stayed with him. He has attended writers’ conferences in New York State and at the University of Iowa. He is a retired professor, now a full-time writer. He and his wife Brenda live in Geneva, Illinois with their dog, Madisen. Richard is the author of a novel, Full Circle; a short story collection, A Tapestry of Life’s Journeys; and a collection of poetry, The Heart of a Poet.

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