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The torch has been passed…

In the captivating fourth installment of the epic adventure of the Quest of the Staff and the Sword saga, the “hooded man” and his wife, Elizabeth, are tucked away in Luke’s dungeon. With the help of a forgotten ally, Luke is guided back through time to a place called Halcyon, where he is certain he will fortify his hold as king of the world. Before he leaves, Luke attempts to tear apart John and Elizabeth by introducing a new woman into John’s cell. Elizabeth has to push aside her increasing feelings of jealousy to step onto the Quest of the Staff and the Sword. John’s role in the Quest is to gather eight individuals, known simply as The Eight, including Elizabeth and the new woman, Jena. Now Elizabeth, John, and Jena must find a way out of the dungeon to search for a series of codices that form the Codex Nexus. Their Quest takes them into harrowing tombs and ancient ruins around the world, all while deciphering clues and fighting against Luke’s tyranny. This exhilarating, character-driven adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat!


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T.K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl has a bachelor’s degree from Logos Christian College. Much of his life has been spent working in the technical field and customer service. He is the proud father of two adult sons, whom he considers his greatest accomplishments. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing the world of his imagination to life through fiction.

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