Quest of the Staff and the Sword, II

Quoin Ataraxis

by T.K. Kohl


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The Balance of Power Tilts Toward Darkness…

In this compelling second installment of the Quest of the Staff and the Sword saga, John’s quest continues as he searches for understanding of his purpose. John used Luke’s confidence in his power to build the castle on Olivet. Although Luke’s control was tenuous, with control of the world’s media, he was able to convince the world that they were in danger from Luke’s nemesis, known only as “the hooded man.” The hooded man has information that can destroy Luke. Luke allowed the hooded man to take control of the castle, knowing he had the full power of the world’s military at his disposal. Luke will attempt to use this power not only to destroy the hooded man, but also to immobilize the people of the world with chains of control. Luke is prepared to wreak havoc on the world if he must, in order to retain his power. If Luke goes to extremes, a terrible change will overtake the world—a change that could return the world to the Dark Ages. John must protect the Jedidiah family, along with their friends—and he must inspire their trust to join him on his quest. As Luke’s darkness grows in him and the fate of the world trembles in the balance, John must establish the foundation of peace, save those who wish to be saved, and assure those around him that all will be well in Quoin Ataraxis


About the Author

T.K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl has a bachelor’s degree from Logos Christian College. Much of his life has been spent working in the technical field and customer service. He is the proud father of two adult sons, whom he considers his greatest accomplishments. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing the world of his imagination to life through fiction.

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