Quest of the Staff and the Sword III

The Dark Kingdom

by T. K. Kohl


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The Veil of Darkness Drops…

In this riveting third installment of the epic adventure of the Quest of the Staff and the Sword Saga, Luke has destroyed his nemesis, the hooded man. Luke tightens his grip on his kingdom, while a division threatens to tear at the fabric of hope in Quoin Ataraxis. Millions of half-dead soldiers, whom Luke raised from the dead, ensure that Luke’s power will grow, with seemingly no one to stop him. Luke entices his people to worship, celebrate, and serve him. But just as Luke’s power seems unstoppable, a mysterious stranger steps out of the shadows, confounding Luke’s plans. With his frustration growing, Luke journeys to search out allies in his battle against enemies of his kingdom. Luke retrieves thousands of scrolls and tablets, hidden in an ancient tower. These scrolls reveal dark secrets forgotten long ago. His castle rests upon the richest source of darkness, from which the darkest of weapons are forged. The scrolls reveal designs to build these dark weapons. With the help of these scrolls, Luke is able to summon warriors out of long-forgotten dark chasms, achieve powers of sorcery the world has never known, and establish his throne as Dark Lord in The Dark Kingdom.


About the Author

T. K. Kohl

T.K. Kohl has a bachelor’s degree from Logos Christian College. Much of his life has been spent working in the technical field and customer service. He is the proud father of two adult sons, whom he considers his greatest accomplishments. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing the world of his imagination to life through fiction.

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