Caribbean Tsunami

Mack and Carly Adventure Series - Book Five

by Lee Storm


Book Details

What starts as a long anticipated reunion of dear friends at the Tobago Cays quickly turns to a terrifying night of stormy weather and the disappearance of one of the friends.

After much encouragement, Alex and Sophia finally agree to a long overdue visit back to the Caribbean and time with their dear friends, Mack and Carly. The planned highlight of the visit includes sailing to the Tobago Cays, a favorite hangout from their past adventures. A stormy night and lovers quarrel leads to the disappearance of Sophia. The desperate search for her is complicated by a mysterious madman with an evil past. If that’s not enough, the search is further complicated by the eruption of a long dormant volcano and several devastating tsunamis throughout the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.


About the Author

Lee Storm

The author and his wife sailed throughout the Caribbean for several years. They spent many delightful days basking in the sun on their 45’ catamaran, Cool Runnings, in the Tobago Cays and were fascinated by the dormant volcano, Kick ‘em Jenny that lies just off the north coast of Grenada.

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