Caribbean Revenge

Mack and Carly Adventure Series – Book Four

by Lee Storm


Book Details

Saltwhistle Bay is a dream come true for Mack and Carly. Could this idyllic setting become a scene for the revenge seekers who simply can’t let go of their hatred?

Mack and Carly settle on Mayreau Island in the pristine Saltwhistle Bay. Their home overlooks Carlyta’s Beach Bar and the clear blue waters of the harbor where adventurous sailors come and go each day. Annika, their precocious four-year-old, is growing up quickly and gives their life a whole new meaning—until the past catches up to them. The hatred-filed women from their past just can’t let go of their need for revenge. This terrifying saga spans the globe from the Caribbean to Africa, South America and Monaco.


About the Author

Lee Storm

The author and his wife sailed throughout the Caribbean for several years and encountered many situations that enriched this fictional story of what might have been. Saltwhistle Bay is one of their favorite places to hang out and this story fulfills a fantasy to make it their home someday.

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