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The Idyllic Island Life Turns Into a Nightmare When an Evil Nemesis from the Past Reappears

In Book Three of the Mack and Carly Adventure Series, the dream life they started on the pristine island of Dominica, where they first fell in love, is shattered. The drug smuggler, Juan, who chased them halfway around the world to Africa, accidentally discovers them and becomes obsessed again with recovering Don Emilio’s treasure. This evil criminal is determined to use whatever means necessary to coerce the treasure from them to achieve his ambition. The cache of diamonds, gold and money they buried on the tiny island in the Iles des Saintes is not enough to satisfy Juan’s demands. A struggle for survival ensues as other characters from the past join in the attempt to destroy Mack and Carly’s life.


About the Author

Lee Storm

The author and his wife sailed throughout the Caribbean for several years. Dominica was one of their favorite stops up and down the exotic island chain. This book is the third in the series that comprise true to life experiences with fantasy and fiction to capture the reader’s imagination of life in a tropical paradise.

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