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What could be more current than a novel involving advanced artificial intelligence, electronic personality duplication, and a pandemic flu? What would you do if you were an aging widower, just waiting for death's call, and you were offered the opportunity to take part in one last exciting adventure with your best friend? Might the potential for immortality, the opportunity to become an astronaut, and meeting a new love influence your decision? Retired engineering professor Stephen Adams faces all of these questions, and his answers will change his life and the lives of everyone he knows and loves. 

This book deals with the societal challenges resulting from advances in technology and the very personal challenges presented by the prospect of immortality.


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It all started with a message appearing on my tablet from an institute I had never heard of wanting to talk to me about a totally undefined job. Based on the subject line of ‘Professional Services Opportunity’, my first thought was that it was just another get-rich-quick spam. Had I followed my initial instinct to hit delete without opening it, things would have worked out very differently for me—very differently indeed. But I did read it, and I was intrigued.
It’s usually impossible to pinpoint the precise moment when the course of your entire life is irrevocably changed, but in this case, it was the exact moment I selected open. That single, simple action was one of the most important things that I have ever done. With it began my journey to adventure, new love, immortality, and infamy. I would gain a new world and lose everything I held dear in this one. Thanks to whatever gods there be, I did.

University of California – Berkeley
From:         P.A. Morgan []
To:              Dr. Stephen Adams
Subject:      Professional Services Opportunity

The staff of the Applied Advanced Cybernetics Institute (A2CI) would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in a unique research opportunity. We are currently investigating revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and innovative techniques in man-machine interfaces (MMIs). We recognize that these topics haven’t been the bases of your many contributions to the mechanical engineering field prior to your recent retirement, but we believe that you still offer unique skills that would contribute greatly to our project.

For reasons of confidentiality and security, I cannot provide you with any further details on our current projects or what we envision your specific role would be. I can assure you that your contribution won’t impose any undue physical stresses or involve continuing demands on your time. I can also unequivocally state that this is an opportunity that will excite your scientific curiosity in ways that no other project possibly could.

As an additional inducement to your acceptance of our invitation, I can tell you that your friend and colleague, Dr. Ramsey Hua, has already joined our team in a similar role to what we’re offering you. Indeed it was Dr. Hua who initially recommended you to us, and he sends his strong urging that you join him in “One last chance for us to make a difference.”

I hope that you will contact me at your earliest opportunity so that we can discuss arrangements for your travel to our project office in Berkeley. All of your travel arrangements and expenses will be handled by our staff. At this initial meeting, we will provide you with detailed information on the project and answer the many questions you must have.
I look forward to meeting you.
Phillip A. Morgan, PhD
Project Director


About the Author

Michael Meadows

Michael Meadows is a retired environmental engineer with over forty years of experience in air and water pollution, solid waste management, and hazardous waste site cleanup. This, his first novel, was written primarily during field assignments in the US, South Africa, and Taiwan.

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