My Piano Hands

A Flash Memoir Collection

by Kathryn Atkins


Book Details

How Did This Happen?

The stories, poems, and musical piece in My Piano Hands share the author’s journey to understand why she was born able to play piano by ear. Given up for adoption as a baby, the writer grew up searching for answers and wondering whether something was expected in return for her undeserved talent. This touching flash-memoir collection takes her reader through a life bridging a 1950s childhood and COVID-19 adulthood with themes paired wistfully, but mostly irreverently and philosophically with things like tuna fish sandwiches, a Parisian summer, and an impractical old white sofa that knows all and reveals nothing.

The journey is arranged in ‘octave’ chapters and ends with an original musical composition, “Coronavirus.” The book’s title comes from the author’s poem “Piano Hands,” published in the 111-year-old California Writers Club’s West Winds Centennial ©2010.

Praise for My Piano Hands

“… My Piano Hands is delightful. Sometimes playful, sometimes stoic, sometimes achingly sad, this is a book to read in one afternoon.” ~ PJ Colando, author of the multiple award-winning series Faith, Family, Frenzy!

“This beautifully written flash memoir moved me from joy to melancholy to gratitude for a life well lived.” ~ Maddie Margarita, writer and host of Character Floss Podcast & LitUP OC


About the Author

Kathryn Atkins

Kathryn is married and has two sons (married) and a dog (single). She is a board member for the California Writers Club. She has been published in the Club’s Literary Review and regional, national, and online media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehack, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Her author website is Her book, Giving My Self to the Wind, launched in 2018.

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