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Would you want to know when you're going to die?

When Death, a gorgeous and painfully vain yet misunderstood member of heaven’s team, is caught in the middle of a power play between God and the devil, she must decide if she’ll retire forever in the lap of luxury or risk her beauty, her celestial status, and even her own life by stepping in to save the suffering human race who have always hated her. And God? He's playing golf with the other two members of the Trinity.


About the Author

Kathryn Atkins

Kathryn Atkins is a Jack London Award winner from the California Writers Club. In addition to being a Huffington Post blogger and professional business writer with an MBA, she has published two books: "Giving My Self to the Wind," and "My Piano Hands, A Flash Memoir Collection." "Deathlist" is her first novel.

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