Goliath Loves to Learn

Sizes, Shapes and Colors

by Bill & Carolyn Troiano


Book Details

Goliath Loves to Learn and Teaches Children they Can Learn Too!

Children who meet Goliath are amazed to see how much he knows. Goliath truly loves to learn new things. With more than several hundred everyday items committed to memory, he demonstrates his ability to retrieve each one, including those of different colors, shapes and sizes. They say dogs are color blind, but Goliath has put that myth to rest through his ability to distinguish different colors of the same item.


About the Author

Bill & Carolyn Troiano

Bill Troiano is a dog trainer who has worked with Goliath since he was a puppy. Bill has a unique ability to relate to Goliath and other dogs on a level that is truly amazing. Bill's approach is to love his dogs fully and unconditionally, and to challenge them to elicit their best qualities. In essence, Bill has made Goliath the best he can be. Both Goliath and Bill are truly special!

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