Rhymes with Love

The Gift of Poetry

by Carolyn Troiano


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Share the Gift of Poetry...

Tell your loved ones how you feel about them through the inspirational words of poetry found in this book. They will cherish each verse and the heartfelt meaning behind it. They will carry these treasured words for the rest of their lives, reaching back for them every time they may feel unsure, saddened or in need of a reminder of your love. The poems in this anthology cover a wide range of occasions for celebration. Whether it’s to joyously welcome the birth of a child, remember a parent on their special day, or tell a loved one all of the secrets you hold in your heart, you will find something in this collection that will transform your innermost feelings into poetry for the ages. Connected deeply through these poems, you and your loved ones will continue to feel that visceral union of hearts and minds, a union that must be expressed in rhymes with love. Frame your poem and share it with your loved one, providing them with a gift that will last forever and will always remind them of you.


About the Author

Carolyn Troiano

Carolyn Troiano is a writer and poet with a gift for touching the hearts and minds of readers. Her work includes poems that describe the feelings we associate with special occasions and events in our lives. Carolyn’s poetry is universal, representative of every person’s desire to celebrate great times and rise above challenging moments. The collection is inspirational, offering a message of determination, gratitude and hope. We all need these things in our lives...

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