Mystical Memories

by Joseph Basil Giletto


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We are all connected in Love's energy mystical might. Where you end, I am there in the blue black of Knight. We merge in the oneness and with Venus's blush on our face a New Universe is embraced. In the undulation of rhythmical love this new Universe, this new existence state, is able to take a nubile first breath and takes flight into the dawning light filled with a new born baby's happy sighs and seeks Eternity's Sunrise.

Chung is a consummate Samurai. Four renegade horseman killed his mother and father and entire village. Chung survived and started his wanderings. Along the way he met many old masters who often dwelled in mountain caves. He found his one true love but she was lost after the invincible one hundred destroyed her village. Chung has been searching and learning but he carries the pain of lost love in his heart that only Orpheus would understand. With the help of the Great White Eagle of the North, he crosses into different dimensions at sunset as that is when the dimensions open to someone with great personal power. With his Eagle guide, his ancient master sends him to different futures and different past lives. Chung has five warrior spirits including the Chimera with three dragon heads. Chung lives by the seven moral codes of Bushido throughout his many life adventures.


About the Author

Joseph Basil Giletto

Joseph Basil Giletto MD had many illnesses and should be dead. Somehow he survived and the end result was along this journey he turned around and found his Soul and found serenity. In my search for serenity, I started writing short stories about one main fictional character.

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