Mystery of the Plum Statue

by D. J. Mincy


Book Details

Boo! Boo! Go Back To Your Other School, You Nerd!

Safe and Fresh, a small and strange village has a new resident: a young apple, named Edward Edison. Edward had been going to Safe and Fresh Elementary for two weeks. As he walked towards school his feet shuffled. His oversized backpack slowed him down, along with the dread of another day at school. Every day at school Edward was bullied. He wondered if he would ever fit in. One day a statue of a plum girl was stolen from school and Edward vowed to find it even though he did not realize the importance of the statue or how important he would become in the battle against a rising evil. Would Edwards’ quest to find the missing statue turn him from a school joke to a hero?


About the Author

D. J. Mincy

Mystery of the Plum Statue is the first book chronologically in the Apple and Banana series of children’s books, written by D.J. Mincy. Two other books in this series are Aisle of the Cookies and The Mysterious Ebenezer Grapefruit, were written for his daughter Ava, who inspired him to turn his 15 years of writing experience to children’s books.

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