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Morgan Beckett on her drive to work witness a man randomly kill several people on a major highway. Morgan escapes the mayhem of that day but is about to discover that mankind's days are numbered. Morgan along with her brother and an unlikely group of new friends are faced with the destruction of humanity. They are on a quest to find the Tablets of Lucifer and battle the forces of evil, human or otherwise and save humanity's soul. They will find strength in each other and from the most unlikely of sources in the darkest days of mankind.


Book Excerpt

A hysterical young woman spoke to the camera.
“He kept shouting something like ‘you old people are going to die. They’re too many of you so I will just have to kill all of you.’ He tried to shoot a little girl, but her dad took the bullet instead. The guy just kept screaming about old people. Ranting and raving and shooting.” She began to break down. “I just don’t understand--why did all those people have to die?” she sobbed.

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