Coming Home

Long Road Home Series Book 3

by Vada M. Wolter & Joseph A. Zapalac


Book Details

Travel with Johnny on his emotional journey to learn how a little boy lost walked the long road to success.

Receiving a letter from Becky, his true love, that she was dating his best friend began his journey. An aged envelope then leads Johnny to Chicago where he discovered his life had been nothing but a lie. It left him hurt and confused. He decided to write his life story to make sense of it. His employer convinced him to turn it into a book. After four long and very emotional years, his life’s story is completed—and published. He realized in writing his story that he found peace and closure to many of his questions. He returned—once again—to hometown in the Lone Star State, a place he’ll forever call home. The moment had arrived for him to return home where everything began—including his love for Becky.


About the Author

Vada M. Wolter & Joseph A. Zapalac

Vada M. Wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac write heartwarming books that can be a beneficial source for entertainment, escape, and inspiration. They enjoy writing and speaking to groups about country living and yesteryear. They have similar likes and dislikes—the same hopes and dreams, and work well as a team. She lives in the Houston, Texas, area, and he lives near Chicago, Illinois—1,100 miles apart.

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