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Ever want to take a journey back in time? To smell Mom's apple pie? To see the old home place? To relive memories of the past?

Everyone has memories they relive from time to time; it's a way of keeping them alive. The senses trigger something inside each person, causing them to reflect on times past.

Reflections-Memories Past represents poetry that's been written with homespun values of love and friendship--values that continue to hold true, governing traditional ways of existence. These long-held traditions are expressed in eloquent definitive poetry or prose, representing yesteryears memories that remain forever treasured in hearts--even today.


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My heart and soul lie in every word I write, as I think of memories past of a time, a very special time, which I thought would forever last.

My mind remembers the feelings and memories of what had been, and even today my aging eyes visualize many brilliant sunsets in the countryside of yesteryear.

My hands tremble as I write, of feelings and memories that linger, until the dead of night, when I fall asleep with a peaceful mind.

I am a writer of feelings and memories, and someday, I'll taste the sweet wine of success.


About the Author

Joseph A. Zapalac

Joseph A. Zapalac: Poet, writer, and dramatic narrator of the written word. He's recognized as an accomplished author and published for five consecutive years. As a member of a writer's group, he's brought down the house with his readings. He loves photography and enjoys holding seminars, teaching the art of writing. He’s a native born Texan, born on July 4, 1938, and was raised by his loving Grandparents on a farm in the small rural Texas town of El Campo. He currently resides in Bolingbrook, Illinois, but his heart, which remains rooted deep in his home state and hometown, is reflected in many of his writings. His great love for writing began early in life. His passion for writing gives him the ability to creatively paint vivid scenes with a pen and paper, allowing the reader to revisit yesteryear.

You are encouraged to read this book of poetry and to reflect on memories past.

Vada M. Wolter--Photographer/Writer. Her passion for photography began at a very young age. She has always loved being creative. Her talents in photography and the computer evolved into a business of "creating memories for a lifetime" using audio production and photography. Her love for writing began in early teen years.

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