The Crystal Palace

Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince

by Michele Hauser


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Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince

Who would have guessed that the saving of a little boy at a pool would lead to an adventure in Fairyland and the Kingdom of the Leprechauns? A sleepover at Karina's Grammy's and Popi's house in a bedroom filled with crystals, turned into an adventure at a crystal palace and a confrontation with a dangerous sea serpent. Karina, Katie, and Emily Jean entered these worlds through the lead of Grammy's tooth fairy named Angela. They were needed to find the missing baby fairy prince.
Intelligence, insight, and imagination led these girls to the rescue and the discovery of the truth: Children are precious to their parents, no matter how old they are, whether in Fairyland or everyday life.

Exciting and fanciful... a child's vision of Fairyland through the artistry of Karina, the nine-year-old granddaughter of author Grammy Hauser.


Book Excerpt

All three girls peered at the tiny light that seemed to be coming from inside the large crystal on the left side of the foot board. Slowly, the glow grew brighter. Karina sat up and moved closer to the crystal. Katie and Emily Jean did too, as all three hovered around it.

“It looks like something sparkly is twirling around and around in there,” said Emily Jean.

“It’s never done this before,” Karina added. “I don’t know what it is.”

Katie grabbed the other girls’ hands. She didn’t like surprises.

The swirling eddy inside the crystal spun faster and faster, and the sparkles grew brighter and brighter. The girls couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Suddenly, there was a POP! And a light shone up to the ceiling, like a spotlight. As the sparkles began falling back toward the bed, they swirled around again until Karina, Katie, and Emily Jean could see a tiny little person…a fairy, standing on the bedpost crystal. The light grew dimmer, then vanished; the girls just stared in shock. No one said a word.

“Pretty good landing, if I do say so myself,” said the fairy. “It’s not easy working your way out of a crystal, you know.”

Three sets of big eyes were fixed on the fairy. She had blond hair put up in a pony tail, with little flowers on it. Her ears came to a tiny point, giving her the look of a pixie. She stood looking at the girls with her hands on her hips, wearing what looked like a shimmering rainbow blouse and knee-length bloomers of gauze. On her feet were miniscule silver slippers that curved up at the toe. Dangling from the point over each toe was a miniature silver bell. On her back was a pair of transparent wings, arching up behind her. They were barely visible, a faint sparkle outlining the edges.

“Well,” said the fairy, stamping her tiny foot which made a tinkling sound. “Why are you just staring at me. Don’t you know how to speak?”

“Oh, sure,” stammered Karina. “We’ve just never seen anyone like you before. For real, that is. Only in books.”

“How did you get in that crystal? And how did you get out?” questioned Emily Jean. She always wanted an explanation for everything.

“What’s your name?” asked Katie. “Oh, and I love your rainbow outfit,” she added with a timid smile.

“Now, how can I answer all those questions at once. Let’s see.

Number one: Yes, I am real. Those books don’t tell the true story, you know.

Number two: I got into the crystal by jumping into the crystal chute at the top of the crystal castle. I slid down the chute, like you do at the water park, and then I found myself peering out at you three. You looked pretty silly gaping at me with your eyes so wide and your mouths hanging open.

Number three: You saw me get out. The sparkly current swirled like a tornado and burst through the top of the crystal. Next thing I knew I was standing here.

Number four: My name is Angela. I used to be your Grammy’s tooth fairy when she was a girl. That was a hard job because she and her family kept moving around, from Maryland to Iran to Ohio, and finally right here in Illinois. Once she didn’t need me anymore, I was assigned to help out Serena, the crystal queen

Number five: And thanks. I like my new outfit too. It was a gift for me from Serena.”

Karina, Emily Jean, and Katie didn’t know what to say. They could feel their hearts pounding in their chests, and they felt giddy with excitement.

Finally, Karina asked, “Why are you here?”

“Well, I was sent, you see. Serena’s son, the baby Prince Jeremy, is missing. Serena is beside herself with worry. The fairies that live in the marsh reeds around the lodge pool told her that you saved a little boy today, so Serena is hoping you will help her find her little boy too.”

“Well, gee,” said Karina. “I’d like to, but I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Well, nothing will happen until you do, so let’s go,” quipped Angela.

Karina, Emily Jean, and Katie looked at each other with big eyes and wide grins. They didn’t know whether to be excited or scared. Maybe a little bit of both…


About the Author

Michele Hauser

Author Michele Hauser, known to her nine-year-old illustrator as Grammy, taught elementary and middle school for thirty years. She is a UCLA Writing Project Fellow and holds a Master of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis on Reading and Writing. With her husband Steve, she has two sons, and six grandchildren. Visit her Crystal Palace website at

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