The Magic Forest

The Magic of Childhood

by Faye Stine


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The Magic Forest The Magic of Childhood

These are adorable stories for young children. Read about Peter the cobbler boy’s adventures with his friend the talking frog Roger in the Magic Forest. Meet Faye the princess who magically transforms herself into a blue bird with the help of the guardian angel Adora, the love between her and Prince Valiant, and the miracle of the frog sent by Adora to save Faye’s palace. Meet Tyran the orphaned dinosaur adopted by prehistoric man, the coming of the comet, and Tyran’s son with his ability to transform and to swim under water and the miracle of sighting of the Loch Ness monsters. Read about Laurie the lost princess who is befriended by Angela the Gypsy Queen. Her friendship with Angela’s son Peter, her friends Demetri, the elf and the raccoon that turns into a knight. You will never forget the love and devotion of Bonnie the Seeing Eye dog, who saves his master Jimmy and his mother from a fire and runs back into the fire to lead Captain Lopez out who is lost in the smoke and can’t see.


Book Excerpt

The Magic Forest was a beautiful miracle forest of green trees and brilliantly colored flowers. There were huge mushrooms where the forest frogs could leap from stump to stump and then rest. The cool waters of the River of Wisdom were brilliant in the sunlight and sparkled green like emeralds.

“Where should I go?” Thought Peter to himself. But again Peter heard an

unfamiliar voice.

“Boy who are you and where are you going?” The voice asked.

Peter turned and to his amazement there was a tree talking to him.


About the Author

Faye Stine

Faye Stine is the author of the best seller, Star Ship Fantasy, and a professional marketing analyst. She began writing in her teens and enjoys her work. Faye produces compelling and interesting children’s books.

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