The Golden Goblet

200 Years in a Medieval Castle

by Faye Stine


Book Details

This is the exciting and compelling novel of the royal family of Thuron during the Crusades of the Middle Ages. Read about their wars with the invaders from the Holy Land and their seizing of the Golden Goblet of the Royal House of Thuron. The quest to return it to its rightful place in the Castle of Thurston is an exciting must to read. The defeat of Damon the evil ruler of the North Country and the climax of his exile from power is not to be forgotten. You must not miss this exciting and compelling novel about an era gone by that has shaped our destiny now. It is truly a compelling work to read that will be enjoyed by all ages. Read and you will enjoy this thrilling adventure of wonder and enjoyment in legend and in history. A must in good reading for all.


About the Author

Faye Stine

FAYE STINE is the author of the best seller, Star Ship Fantasy and a professional marketing analyst. She began writing in her teens and enjoys her work. Faye produces compelling and interesting novels.

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