Space And Beyond

An Odyssey

by Faye Stine


Book Details

These are the exciting adventures of Keith Archer and his dog Skip on the Magic bicycle “Golden Carrier” in space and beyond. Read about the lovely Lady that appeared to him in his room one night and her seeds of love given Keith to plant and stop war and pestilence on Earth and how this becomes the goal of his life and his destiny to fulfill. Read about Keith’s visit to the North Star and meeting with the star men. The request of the scout master to return to Earth for the birth of the cubs of his Earth brothers. Keith grants him this wish to the friendship of them both. You must not miss Keith’s exciting visit to plant truth and meeting Prince Justice, Prince Baird and Prince Unity. Thrill to the exciting war with Prince Injustice of the underworld and his final defeat by Prince Justice. Keith’s wartime dog hero Tiger and his adventures in the war will enthrall you. This is a must for all dog lovers. Keith’s valor in the African Congo in the Peace Corps is an exciting chapter. Don’t miss this adventure in the Congo. His meeting with the savage King Muhutu and the peace he achieves with him. The way he goes about doing it with the seeds of love should not be missed! Don’t miss Keith’s adventures to Mars. This is a true odyssey of space and beyond. Endear in your hearts Keith’s lifelong love with his English sweetheart Jen and the birth of their daughter Jean and her amazing cure for cancer years later. This is the story of a boy who lifelong ambition to plant seeds of love will endear Keith in your hearts. It will teach the lesson for all teenagers to pursue their dreams and hearts desires. In this great nation of ours they will be fulfilled. Everything is possible.


About the Author

Faye Stine

Faye Stine is the internationally famous author of “Star Ship Fantasy” “The New Frontier of Space” and “The Magic Forest” “The Magic of Childhood.” “The Magic of the Wolves” and its series of adorable Christmas stories should not be missed by the children. This is good reading for all.

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