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A story of international adoption for kids

Ten-year-old Shelly is upset when she discovers that her parents plan on adopting a child. Shelly enjoys her ‘only child’ status and is not willing to give it up without a little struggle. As she becomes more aware and lets go of her selfishness, we see her evolve into a caring person anxious to become a big sister to a child far away.

This book is a valuable resource that could be given to the adopted child to read when she’s a little older. It’s also a story that could be handed to the child’s siblings, cousins, classmates, and friends. Actually, with the world getting smaller each year, “The Journey to Mei” could be read by all children to foster an understanding of another country’s traditions and culture.

- Freddie Remza

“The Journey to Mei” will be a valuable asset to all people adopting from China. Even though we’ve spoken about some of the issues of adoption when our child was younger, it’s nice to see it in a story and to read and discuss it together. The book explains so much and does so very simply, clearly and delicately.

- C. Stasko

Mother of an adopted daughter from China


Book Excerpt

Mom smiled as she reached out for Mei. She looked a little older than her picture, but I knew it was her. I recognized the round face and the dancing black eyes. She stared at me, but I didn't quite know what to do.
Finally Dad said, "Hi, Mei. I'm your new daddy and this is your big sister, Shelly."
For over a year I thought about this moment--what clever thing I would say; what fantastic gesture I would make. Instead I did nothing. I finally gave a short wave and Mei reached out and grabbed my finger. We smiled at each other and became sisters.


About the Author

Freddie Remza

Freddie Remza is a retired elementary teacher who worked with children for over 30 years. Upon retirement, she decided to combine her love of writing with her passion for travel and experiencing different world cultures. Freddie has traveled extensively abroad including a month’s tour of China where much of the research for this book took place. She makes her home with her husband and cat in upstate New York.

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