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The collision of two parallel worlds

Allison Wagner, an American journalist whose father was killed in the Cu Chi forest, sets off for Vietnam to gather information on the progress made in Vietnam since the end of the war in 1975. While visiting a village in the Mekong Delta, Allison has a premonition of the possible fate of a young girl she meets at a restaurant. FINALIST...GENERAL FICTION CATEGORY in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards FINALIST...MULTI-CULTURAL CATEGORY in ForeWord Book of the Year Awards


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He was a seedy type of guy. He parted his hair on the wrong side of his head, a front tooth was missing, and he reeked of body odor. He went by the name of Mr. Swoon. There was nothing attractive about this man except for the wad of money he kept in his pouch. He used it as bait as he wandered into the village where pine trees covered the hilly terrain. The area was scenic, but the village was poor. Mr. Swoon knew that. Actually, he counted on that.


About the Author

Freddie Remza

Freddie Remza, an educator, combines her love of writing with her passion for travel and experiencing world cultures. It was during a month’s stay in Vietnam and Cambodia that inspired her to tell this story.

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