The Afterlife of a Restless Soul

But Is God Really a Woman?

by John F. Brinster


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All humans must eventually die and afterlife is of universal concern. The imaginative mind looks to its best interest. Religion can guide men’s souls but simple belief is not for everyone. Professor Jeremiah B Cackelry III, a brilliant Einsteinian scientist, intent on saving the world, was introduced in The Man Who Created God (Xlibris). A confirmed atheist, he married his young assistant and met death by Viagra complications.

In The Abduction (Authorhouse) his widow, Anne Duchin, married to a banker, Jeremiah B Cackelry IV, became involved in a search for a controversial writing hidden in the Great China Wall. The first Chinese ambassador made an arduous trek westward for alliances with Romans against Mongolian hordes. A chance stay at a Bethlehem farm and the Messianic Prophesy caused him to substitute his twin infant for Jesus in the manger. His second twin, assisting in burial following crucifixion, was mistaken for resurrection.

This new Cackelry book The Afterlife of a Restless Soul (Outskirts) follows his spirit into the afterlife where, finding no god, he reorganizes heaven. Disillusioned by ideal existence he returns to the planet plagued by fear that a god might exist and is likely to be a woman.

The author, a noted contributor in science and philosophy, is a phi beta kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. His other popular books include The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe (Xlibris), a nonfiction analysis of the trend toward atheism.


Book Excerpt

Excerpt from Page 243:

I have concluded that we are in a female universe, not a male universe. the structure of the female mind is far more suitable for caring for and guiding mankind. The theory rests in in the unique capability for reproduction, a true creation, the preparation for children, for family, for male spouse and ultimately for all mankind. It is much more than that. The very female cell structure compared with the male is far more complete. the male chromosome is thin and weak and contain only a few fragile elements. Females are less susceptible to males in the consequence of stressful experience.... I can project mankind into the future when female cells become highly superior...and male cells totally unnecessary.

Excerpt from Page 245:

There was a pause in which they looked into each others eyes--Veronique appeared quiet and pensive ...You and not I are the real god of man including his soul and spirit. You and not I must serve the needs of mankind. god the Father is inappropriate and must be replaced by god the Mother, backed by nature as the true, sole god and I expoect you to take my place.

Excerpt from Page 250

Cackelry turned to face Gabrielle and moved up close.

My dear Gabrielle, I must explain my innermost feelings, and there is much to talk about with not much time. Together we have endured the concept of Spiritland. but it is only natural that you see it all differently than I do.I have spent my earthly life studying and analyzing who humans are, their basis of existence,their limits of understanding, their desires and needs and their eventuality. I have looked at the past and have projected life into the future. You are a woman and have seen another side, one of wealth, of satisfaction,emotion, and even some of the imaginative side, based on the hopes, desires and wishes of all men. These are all the transient variable aspects of life. They are flickering feelings like the flames of a fire. If one disappears or fails there is usually another to quickly take its place. But sometimes they must all merge.

His confession becomes progressively deeper as he continues.


About the Author

John F. Brinster

For Immediate Release:

Outskirts Press of DENVER, CO announces the publication of a new book titled THE AFTERLIFE OF A RESTLESS SOUL: BUT IS GOD REALLY A WOMAN? by Princeton author, John F Brinster. This is his sixth book written in the past decade in the fields of science and philosophy relating to the human mind and behavior.

This book of fiction, science, and satire describes how the soul of a hard and fast atheist professor unexpectedly finds itself in heaven following his untimely death. It emphasizes needed change in world condition and, although laced with periodic elements of humor, it represents a review of atheist vision in a world of widespread conflicting religious beliefs. It emphasizes how religious differences have led to bitter conflict and suffering throughout the planet. This book is intended to encourage reexamination of religious teachings that often move vulnerable minds in unreal and imaginative directions. hopefully to lessen extreme and militant violence. The protagonist questions the evidence of the existence of a higher power that would allow such human behavior. Its controversial subtitle BUT IS GOD REALLY A WOMAN? is consistent with modern feminist movements. The professor considers fundamental female characteristics as a basis for increased feminine development and recognition, suggesting that if there were a god it must be female.

Brinster is a phi beta kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University in physics. A founder of several high tech companies, Brinster was member of a Palmer Physical Laboratory research team at Princeton University during wartime that helped create the atomic bomb and other new weaponry. He was assigned responsibility for missile instrumentation including the preparation and firing of five captured German V- 2 missiles for initial upper atmosphere exploration at White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, working closely with Werhner von Braun, the father of space exploration.

At Princeton, he studied with many twentieth century Nobel physicists such as Einstein, Wheeler, Feynman, and Pauli. He was a neighbor of the Institute for Advanced Study for many years, having frequent contact with Einstein and Oppenheimer. In 2006 he made a study of the unique Einstein ideology published as an op/ed by the Philadelphia Inquirer as ALBERT EINSTEIN'S COSMIC REVERENCE in conjunction with the Einstein annus mirabilis anniversary.

His most recent nonfiction publication involved an analysis of the increasing worldwide secular trend in world development, entitled THE PRECARIOUS HUMAN ROLE IN A MECHANISTIC UNIVERSE (Xlibris). Upon retirement he promoted the study of the human mind at principal NJ universities as part of “the decade of the brain”. As a critic of imaginative thought and hearsay teaching as opposed to factual reality the need for change is inherent in his writing.

The Cackelry books, namely THE MAN WHO CREATED GOD (Xlibris) and THE ABDUCTION (AuthorHouse) have enjoyed popular following. They are based on the antics of Jeremiah B Cackelry III and his family, a fictitious professor with an Einsteinian mind and a confirmed atheist outlook, bound and determined to solve the ills of the world. In the new publication Cackelry unexpectedly finds himself in heaven where he attempts reorganization, the disposition of incoming souls, and appropriate response to requests from earthly sources. He reviews the cosmos and meets the many important souls of history looking to the proper judgment and disposition of souls. Becoming disenchanted with an endless life of perfection without emotion, he finds means to return to earth with a companion soul, Gabrielle, who had never completely made the transition to spirit.

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