The Landing At Aipotu

A Fantasy Account of Flight MH370

by John F. Brinster


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The Cackelry Stories

Professor Jeremiah B Cackelry III, a brilliant Einsteinian scientist, intent on saving the world, was introduced in The Man Who Created God (Xlibris). A confirmed atheist, he married his young assistant and met death by complications of erectile medication. In The Abduction: The Sacred Legend of the Great Wall (Authorhouse) his widow, Anne Duchin, married to a banker, Jeremiah B Cackelry IV, became involved in a search for a controversial writing hidden in the Great China Wall. The first Chinese ambassador made an arduous trek westward for alliances with Romans against Mongolian hordes. A chance stay at a Bethlehem farm and the Messianic Prophesy caused him to substitute his twin infant for Jesus in the manger. His second twin, assisting in burial following crucifixion, was mistaken for resurrection. All humans must eventually die and afterlife is of universal concern. The imaginative mind looks to its best interest. Religion can guide men’s souls but simple belief is not for everyone. A recent Cackelry book The Afterlife of a Restless Soul: But Is God Really a Woman? (Outskirts) follows his spirit into the afterlife where, finding no god, he reorganizes heaven. Disillusioned by ideal existence he returns to the planet plagued by fear that a god might exist and is likely to be a woman. This short book The Landing at Aipotu: A Fantasy Account of Flight MH370 (Outskirts) presents an alternative to the generally accepted end to the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft. When extensive searches found no trace of the airliner that left Kuala Lumpur intended for Beijing, the media reports were merged with a Cackelry story in process.


About the Author

John F. Brinster

The author, a noted contributor in science and philosophy, is a phi beta kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. The books listed above and shown on his website are largely satirical, dedicated to improved behavior and more peaceful coexistence of mankind. His other popular books include The Precarious Human Role in a Mechanistic Universe: The Enigma and Stigma of Imaginative Thought in an Era of Understanding (Xlibris), a nonfiction analysis of the trend toward secularism.

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