It Is For Us, The Living

Pandora and the Secretary General

by John F. Brinster


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The Popular Cackelry Stories

The four award winning Cackelry stories represent popular literary satire on worldwide conflict, especially that resulting from religious differences. Protagonist, Professor Jeremiah B Cackelry III of Oxford, is the only non-believing descendant of a long Scottish line of Cackelry theologians. The first book finds him building a new World University of the Future in Zurich for advanced research in science and neuroscience. He marries his young assistant and suffers death from an overdose of erectile medication. The second finds his widow involved in The Sacred Legend of the Great Wall in which an ancient matrix of carved ivory seals points to the wall location of an important cache. It describes the substitution of the Christ child in the manger by a twin son of the first Chinese ambassador to the Romans. The second twin is mistaken for resurrection. The third describes a weird Cackelry nightmare in which he becomes the head of all the dead souls in an adventurous afterlife and his mysterious recovery back on earth. This fourth book describes the fulfillment of his life’s ambition, to save the rapidly deteriorating world. It suggests amazing unknown advances by ancient scientists, including the cloning of Jesus at the Alexandria science center. Cackelry becomes Secretary General of a new powerful United Nations that governs the planet and remarries his wife, whose latest husband mysteriously dies of the black plague. All four books contain action packed adventures in science and religion, amply mixed with love, humor, suspense, and intrigue: THE MAN WHO CREATED GOD (Xlibris, Under pseudonym John F Brain) THE ABDUCTION: THE SACRED LEGEND OF THE GREAT WALL (AuthorHouse) THE AFTERLIFE OF A RESTLESS SOUL: BUT IS GOD REALLY A WOMAN? (Outskirts) IT IS FOR US, THE LIVING: PANDORA AND THE SECRETARY GENERAL (Outskirts)


About the Author

John F. Brinster

The author, a noted contributor in science and philosophy, is a phi beta kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. His other popular books include THE PRECARIOUS HUMAN ROLE IN A MECHANISTIC UNIVERSE (Xlibris), a nonfiction analysis of the gradual trend toward worldwide secularism.

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