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A Quest to Outwit Mother Nature’s Wrath . . .

When Jacob and Sara visited Pelican Island as college students, they knew that someday they were destined to live there—even though the island was a magnet for every passing hurricane. Clinging tightly to their dream, they sell their Illinois farm and move to the island, arriving full of hope for a new life. Facing the very real danger from devastating storms, they partner with Alex Samson of the local Samson Lumber Company to design a structure that can withstand any hurricane: a beach cottage on stilts that can be raised and lowered for safety. As they focus on their work of genius, another storm is building around them—the mistrust and anger of neighbors and the powerful island planning committee. As nature’s chaos brews and islanders’ emotions surge, Sara and Jacob find themselves in the eye of a hurricane in this compelling, relevant novel about what humanity can and cannot control.


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Richard Ellis Shaw

Ever since childhood, Richard Shaw has been dedicated to the art of writing. At the age of eight, he read one of his stories to the neighborhood kids, and the magic of storytelling has stayed with him. He has attended writers’ conferences in New York State and at the University of Iowa. He is a retired professor and now a full-time writer. His novel Full Circle was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards; he is also the author of a short story collection, A Tapestry of Life’s Journey’s; a collection of poetry, The Heart of a Poet; and a coming-of-age story, Barney and December.

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