Star Ship Fantasy

The New Frontier of Space

by Fay Stine

Star Ship Fantasy

Star Ship Fantasy

The New Frontier of Space

by Fay Stine

Published Aug 20, 2008
48 Pages
Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Adventurers & Explorers


Book Details

Exciting Adventure!

This is an exciting story of Brother Jeff and sister Faye's adventures in their spaceship the universe . It is a gripping and compelling story. The adventures take place on the new planet Hope and in the new frontier of unexplored space. Thrill to the beauty of the birds of many colors on the planet of the birds and their songs to Jeff and Faye.

Meet the adorable Rose people and their two adopted earth children Mark and Mary. Read about the destruction of the infamous black cloud by Justin and the wizard's white cloud. The wizard Justin's capture of the earth children Mark and Mary from the apes is a must read and his message of love to earth.

Suddenly the moon men appear in their quest for everlasting life and how Devina the witch of the forest of the talking tree fulfills it. The new friend Wings the flying cat and Zelda's golden ravens will delight you.

The robots of planet Org appear to save the Rose people from the destruction of a giant asteroid and the friendship they give Jeff and Faye in their search for Mr. and Mrs. Zelda and the Rose people.

The trip home with the Rose people to earth to pursue the secret oil of the rose of everlasting life is a must read.


About the Author

Fay Stine

Fay Stine is a market research analyst and a well known professional. Her writing career began as early as her teens and she enjoys her work as well as producing a compelling and interesting novel.

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