Shall We Try Again?

Poetic Impression of Love Gone Awry

by Gail Banter


Book Details

Loves We Have Lost and Lessons We Have Learned

The love sonnets of Shall We Try Again? were inspired by life-coaching sessions with couples about to be married, where it became apparent to the author that a lack of communication skills could torpedo a relationship. This collection of poems is dedicated to relationships—the good, the bad, and the ugly. What happens after we fall in love? What are the pitfalls? Love and attraction do not happen in a vacuum—we all bring our baggage to the altar of the relationship. Shall We Try Again? is the voice of believing we can fix it, that love and togetherness can overcome personal turbulence. This is not a “how to” book for fixing relationships in trouble. It’s simply a small prism, a reflection of who we are.


About the Author

Gail Banter

Gail Banter is an Israeli-born author who immigrated to Canada in her 20s, after three and a half years of service in the Israeli military. In Canada she raised a family and was educated at McMaster University, where she graduated with a degree in science. Years later, she found herself at the warm, sunny shores of Florida and decided to make Lauderhill her home.

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