Epiphany at Tiffany’s

and Other Poems (or Other Nuggets of Verse)

by Gail Banter


Book Details

Making the Ordinary . . . Extraordinary!

In this delightful volume, poet Gail Banter brings her signature brand of quirky humor to transform the mundane into the charming, the common into the noteworthy, and the controversial . . . well, let’s just say that Gail’s unique perspectives make everything better. This collection showcases her unique talents as an anecdotal storyteller and keen observer of daily life. If you need a laugh, a ray of light, or just a delightful distraction, this book will not disappoint.


About the Author

Gail Banter

Israeli-born Gail Banter, author of The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems, came to the USA via Canada, where she raised a family, taught, was a public speaker, and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Now a resident of Lauderhill, Florida, she much prefers the endless summers to the ice-glazed Canadian winters. Epiphany at Tiffany’s is her second book of poetry.

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