The Cloistered Oyster

and Other Poems

by Gail Banter


Book Details

Dive into a unique collection of poems and vignettes with The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems. Some poems are controversial, unorthodox—even taboo—while others are tender love poems, both breakups and makeups, or quirky observations of the otherwise mundane. Laced with wit, humor, and good intentions, this delectable collection makes a perfect gift for someone special—or simply indulge for your own pleasure!


About the Author

Gail Banter

Israeli-born Gail Banter came to the USA via Canada, where she raised a family, taught, was a public speaker, and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Now a resident of Lauderhill, Florida, she much prefers the endless summers to the ice-glazed Canadian winters. The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems is her debut poetry collage.

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