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Can a DNA test be wrong?

97.7% DNA match is overwhelming evidence of paternity. So, it's understandable that Eden Braverman's ability to trust her brother-in-law vacillates.
Rachel Westbrook, the accuser, propels Eden, a respected Registered Nurse, on a journey to find the truth behind the DNA results and Rachel's suspected ulterior motives. After all, Eden's brother-in-law is a multimillionaire.
Eden suddenly finds her own life compromised with accusations of drugs, patient abuse and, the final insult, her sister's murder. To find answers, Eden traverses a winding road of paternal sins and fraternal passions that will ultimately end with Eden fighting for her own life.


About the Author

Alida Chaney

I've been an R.N. for over forty years and, with the advent of DNA kits on the internet, I thought it would be interesting to investigate what happens if a DNA test could be wrong.

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